Anyone have Leaf Filter issues?

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Nov 24, 2012
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I had their gutter guards installed 4 years ago. They started to give me problems about two years ago and are next to useless now.

The fine mesh screen has gotten plugged with pollen so water will not go through it. I added a metal rood\f after the filters were installed and now it is next to impossible to remove the filters because the metal roof overhangs the gutters by about 1.5".

I had another gutter company come in yesterday and they seemed honest. They told me any screen will either be too fine and block off after a while or too coarse and allow stuff to get trapped in it. They suggested going with a larger gutter, leaving it open, and cleaning it every two years.

Any thoughts and/or experience?
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We have giant trees at our place, the old lady will not let me cut them down. We have tried every possible solution from just leaving them open to the leaf filter route. They all have not lived up to expectations. The mesh filters are about the worst for actual gutter performance. The wide open was also useless with needing to blow out the gutters multiple times a summer.

The best are just the ones with the 1/8 holes. A good mix of keeping things out and letting water in be directed by the gutters.
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For the first time here (50 years), I had a leaf gutter gard installed when a new roof was installed. I think they work better than "nothing" for "leaves"....the kind with holes the size of BB's. But an assortment of other "stuff" goes thru anyway....especially the fine needles from several 80 ft White Pines within about 30 feet of the house. After 2-3 years of removing the gards to clean out the pine needles etc.....I just cut down the garn durn pine trees...5 of them. Now the big ole Sycamore leaves get blown off and things are working better now.

I think that the efficiency of various gards varies with the gard design itself.........and.......most of all...........what crap is falling on the roof.

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I installed the cheap Amerimax 3' section expanded metal guards from Home Depot on my gutters about 15 years ago. I have only had one case where I had to clean out a clog in that time.
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Good to know that Leaf Filter may not be as good as the Hype. I will not waste the money.
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I've tryed three different systems. Foam insets, and two other gutter cover systems. They don't work for me. Not even for one season. The Foam inserts were a big mess, as seedlings started growing in them. The two cover types, kept leaves out, but the needles and algea, and smaller bits got in any way and created a sludge. it was more work to clear the gutters with the foam inserts or the Cover Guards than just leaving them open to be cleared out by hand twice a year.
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Can they be cleaned with a pressure washer?
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I've been satisfied with just a garden hose and narrow nozzle..........
A pressure washer sound like more work to me.
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I've done the pressure washer thingy. By the time I've moved the ladder, and cleared the blow off on the roof, its the same as if i just lifted stuff out by hand.