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Tony H

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Mar 18, 2013
Summit, NY
Ok, I have a Bradley walk behind mower with Ms2000N one wheel sulky. EVERY YEAR since I got it (5 years). I use the machine all spring- fall no issues. Park the machine in the shed and it sleeps thru long, cold winter. Every spring the tire sidewall is ripped and tire tube is blown up. Not a leak, blown up. Last spring I even put the old tube over the new one as added protection. Tire is not over or under inflated, tire is up off the ground. What the heck is going on?


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are these tires hard to find? maybe you are replacing really old tires(NOS)
i would store it next time with the tire off the ground.
also find a new supplier.
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does it get really hot in the shed? could be over pressuring in the heat.
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No these are readily available tires 4.10/3.50-4. They ate bought and restocked in the store I go to. I give them a squeeze to look for cracks before purchase. The shed is really a portable garage, open on both ends. All my equipment is in there no issues with anything else. This tire is off the ground. It only blows during the winter when you would think tire pressure dropped a bit. Never saw anything like it. 4 ply range b tire in pieces after a winter's nap. ND it's the tube too, so it's not just the wall of the tire giving out.
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Something sounds out of place here. No way the kind of damage shown in your picture could occur from just setting there though the winter. Looks like some physical event has happened to cause the damage. Don't have any answers for you, but I just believe there is something more to this than what has been presented.
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Agreed. Something is rubbing/digging into that tire.

edit: Is the belt on that Bradley between the frame and the tire like this one?
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