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Oct 31, 2007
John Deere 4066R Cab and loader
Has anyone come up with a better idea for the skid shoes for their 54" front blade? Mine bend and one even broke off the blade itself. They are adjusted to where the blade is level and about a 1/4" off the ground and they still catch. Any solutions?
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Sounds like you need a radius on the back as well, or maybe a short piece of round stock welded on the back. I wondered if those would do that when I was looking at one set up on a 2305.
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I was looking into a pair of SnowBear shoes for my JD 54" blade. I thought they would skim over the stone better than the JD skids, especially when I have to angle the blade... Cost was $80 a pair including 2 20 degree and 2 40 degree mounting adapter brackets but the folks at SnowBear said they could not tell me if their mounting bracket would fit a JD blade and I did not want to buy the shoes to find out.... I didn't persue it. May I will next winter.

Here's the Northern Tool link for the 4" pair:
FREE SHIPPING SnowBear Skid Shoes (Pair) 4in. Dia. | Snowplow Replacement Parts | Northern Tool + Equipment

Here's the SnowBear link:
SnowBear Ltd. - Online Store for Trailer and Plow Parts & Accessories

I attached SnowBear's installation PDF file too for you.


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Thanks for the links. I am considering making some 1/4" plates to weld or bolt to the bottom 45 degree support and mount a set of round ATV skid shoes for more surface area.