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Mar 4, 2020
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If your loader/forks can handle 700+ pounds, you too can retire your fuel cans

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Uncle Rob with a 50 gallon tank . . . .

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if you like Uncle Rob . . . the starter kit . . .
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If your loader/forks can handle 700+ pounds, you too can retire your fuel cans

May not be the "safest" method of retiring 5 gal cans, but I use a 275 gal IBC Tote ($45 where I live). Cut a hole in the top of the tote that is large enough for a 2" rigid conduit or (if you can find one) a sch80 PVC chase nipple inserted from the inside (through the large opening on the top - MAKE sure you make your hole for the chase close enough to the center opening so you can reach it through that opening). Use either a rigid conduit or PVC 2" coupler to both hold the chase nipple in place AND to allow a standard 2" bung (NPT) suction line adapter to be attached.

All in using parts I had in shop (2" chase & coupler), a used rotary hand pump with fuel hose & nozzle and fuel filter I have less than $70 in it. Tractor with forks can lift ~1.5T and IBC tote fits widthwise in back of wheel wells inside '81 F-150. Run down to local co-op put 150 gals red fuel in and I'm set for most if not all of my spring/summer chores. I've seen others that use the IBC totes filled with fuel on a raised platform (6-8') then get an adapter that goes from the lower valve/connector (sprayer type wing connector) to hose barb or 3/4 NPT. With this setup all you need is the hose, filter (really important on bottom gravity feed systems) and nozzle. With the price of wood these days, metal might be cheaper for the platform. With 150 gals of red fuel (~7lb/gal) the tote & fuel is going to weigh 1100-1200 lbs so plan appropriately. The platform cost and inherent possible water/crud issues swayed me to do the pump rather than bottom fed gravity system.

I have another IBC tote setup the same I use for unleaded using a fill-rite 13gpm pump with filter & auto cutoff nozzle (wifey wouldn't use a standard - non auto cutoff - nozzle 🙂😀🤣). I usually get ~100 gal/month from co-op (non ethanol) because it's a bit cheaper than getting it at the closest gas station (35 miles away).

I know this probably isn't the safest way of dispensing fuel/gas, but it's in a covered location, plenty of ventilation and far enough from the house that should it ever blow up, the house might be rattled, but not broken.