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I guess every business/dealer has different profit levels and room to do things. They might not have charged extra if you asked for a particular wheel spacing before the deal was closed.

I'm surprised that you feel "tipsy" when your slopes are 10% or so. Part of that is "feeling and confidence." I know on my B2150 I was NOT confident and felt very "tipsy" at times when it was probably not really close to tipping over. Of course none of us should ever be close to tipping over if we can help it. The PA Ag Progress Show annually does a demo with a remote controlled Ford tractor where they go around a slope sideways, purposely catch a hole on the downhill side, and roll the tractor. It is VERY instructive to watch that !

About the fluid filled tires and center of gravity: You have fluid filling probably 80% of the tires, not 100%. As a result approx. 30% of the fluid is ABOVE the axle centerline. (Not sure where your c.g. is but not too far above the axle center if any.) Thus only a fraction of the fluid is below the c.g. helping to reduce tipover force. The fluid above the c.g. subtracts from the anti-tipover force so you do not gain a whole lot with fluid -- a little but only a fraction. The larger effect is on traction.
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Are you telling us that the selling dealer was going to charge $300 to set the rear tires out wide. As I can see in a search of the web - the MF 2700 series have agricultural rear rims. This would mean that there are up to eight various widths that the rear tires could be set too. It is simply a matter of loosening a few bolts and moving the rims on the hubs.

If your tires are still "dry" it would be a doable DIY project. Look at your Owners Manual. It will show the options available as far as rear tire width. If your tires have been filled - then it's a project that becomes a whole lot more difficult. Not something I would recommend for a first timer.
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My last tractor was only 5 feet wide with about the same height and weight. I would slide in my seat, but that might just be the slippery seat. My "seat-o-the-pants" meter is very conservative. I have more confidence on this tractor than the last one, mostly because it is wider and just feels more stout. I also have critters that like to dig holes in the side of the hill so I always have to anticipate that.

Tires are already filled, and I gave up having 2 loaders to get a new tractor so doing it myself ins't an opiton. The tractor was already on the lot when I bought it, so it wasn't just a different set-up at assembly. Supposedly they needed to actually remove the tires from the rim to swap to the wider stance or something of that nature. I thought it was just moving the rim to the other side of the tractor. Either way, I forgot about it before negotiating the price so it wasn't part of the deal. The tractor originally had R1's on it on the lot so they had to swap to R4's for me upon request.

I was on the fence about it but just decided I didn't need it so it wasn't a big deal that they wanted extra to do it. I did get other stuff thrown in on the deal like swapping to the R-4's for just the cost difference and filling the with rimguard, as well as a bolt on cutting edge. I wasn't disappointed in the deal and I am not disappointed I didn't get the wider stance. It is stable enough as-is on my slopes. And even so, if it seems uncomfortable I know I could always go at it the correct way instead of side-hilling it.
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I'm still confused whether you DID get the rear tires moved out OR just that you could have at a cost of $300 extra ?? For $300 "my cousin and I" would do it ourselves, even with fluid in the tires if you have a good flat concrete spot to work in.

How about some "as delivered" pictures ? We always like pictures. Enjoy that new machine.