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Mar 22, 2006
~'88 1872(sold); '08 GT2554
Changed the oil 2 weeks ago and I have noticed a leak under the tractor. Initially I thought it was residual oil dripping off frame rail. But it's the oil drain leaking(the twist and turn drain). Dealer said to bring it in and they have a new updated plug for that. Will let you know what that is when it gets done.
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Same thing happened on my 2542, I removed the twist and turn drain and replaced it with a drain hose that I had made up at NAPA. I didn't like the idea of having a plastic drain plug, I guess I was afraid of something getting in there and breaking it.
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On my GT3100 I noticed a puddle of oil on my barn floor. I drained the oil out and measured it. It was slightly less than a pint.

Mine had the elbow so I put a nipple and plug on like I have seen in previous posts on this form.

That plastic valve is a piece of junk. I could not tell when it was locked shut, or else it opened up by itself.

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I purchased my 2550 in 07. It had nipple and elbow. Did they come like that
or did dealer add it? Dealer is top notch!
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NO they do not come like that. Mine is an '08 model.
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I purchased my 2550 in 07. It had nipple and elbow. Did they come like that
or did dealer add it? Dealer is top notch!
I think they done something like that in later years.:)
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All the 2007's I've seen had a nipple, elbow and then the plastic quick drain fitting. My 2005 model year had only a short, hexed nipple and then the (garbage) plastic fitting, which required me to lift the engine to remove/replace with standard pipe fittings. Diesel_nut, a master wrencher like yourself sent it do a dealer for that?!? Say it ain't so!

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Took me less time to R/R the oil plug than to do this 1st paint job with the red arrow...

...I opted for the quick fix with a simple stopper cause I didn't want to jack up any farther to accommodate an elbow. For a less messy oil change I slightly jack up the R side of the front end and all the oil drops from the frame to a oil bucket.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I don't have to constantly top of oil anymore either.
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Savage, the only thing I'd worry about with your setup is, being pipe threads, you could eventually bugger up the threads in the engine block to the point of persistent leakage. If you throw a nipple in there (or the likes), it only goes in once and stays. Any thread issues would happen well downstream, leaving the block intact.

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Well JT I'll keep an eye on it for sure...I got it at the dealers when I asked for an 'all metal oil plug'. Seems to me that's what oil plugs were ages ago...just stopper plugs. Pretty sure I have 3 similar ones on other engines 2 push mowers and a splitter and they haven't leaked yet.


You know I just reread your post and now I fully understand what your saying. I'll look that over in the morning and think about that some more.