235/75R15 vs 31x10.5 15 truck tires

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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On the 1980 F100 2WD I am just going to stay with the 235/75R 15's but on the 1994 F150 4WD I am torn where to go with the same size or get the 31X10.5 15's at a premium of $152 for the type tire/tread?

I am not planning to be doing any mudding and would be more concerned with traction in the snow where the wider tire might give less traction because of more float. On icy roads will the narrow tire give better traction.

Any experiences? This the first 4WD vehicle I have purchased. The extra $152 is not as much of a concern as wider hurting snow/ice traction when it does occur from time to time.
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My opinion is we don't usually get enough snow/ice to warrant making tire choices based on that. I have pretty typical tires on my truck and I couldn't get up my driveway when we got that ice last year. My neighbor couldn't get his tractor up it either. With enough ice, the surface is just steep and slick, and nothing short of studded winter tires or chains is going to help you. If you must be able to get out in any weather, get some chains, carry rock salt, and invest in a winch in case you slip off the road.

Don't forget that it's very easy to lose control of a trailer when driving on ice. If your trailer brakes lock up and slide but your tow vehicle tires are tracking good, you better hope your truck weighs a lot more than your trailer does and you have plenty of run-out room in front of you, or else you will be in a bad way. You can put aggressive tires on your truck all day long and if your trailer brakes can't do their job it's best just to stay off the road.
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I do not like to drive on ice or snow any more but for sure would not PLAN to pull any trailer on anything frozen. :thumbsup:

The 4x4 I am told takes off better on slick stuff but does not stop any better. :(


Looks like we may have a 3.31 or 3.55 ratio rearend so that could be a factor in going with or not a slightly taller tire.
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Gale you are correct they do not stop better but they do take off easier and tend to handle better, but with a goofball at the wheel or even blind luk they run off the road just the same.

For the tire decision, I am about 100 miles North of you, where you are you don't get much snow or ice but you do get it. Either tire will work well, the 235/75's may have an advantage and be slightly cheaper than the 31x10.5's but its the head behind the wheels making the real difference. No different than a 2wd truck, throw some weight in the bed and the vehicle will handle much better, but then you have more weight to try and stop.

For what its worth I have been up and down hills with both and I have skidded on ice with both tire sizes, they both skid the same.

Truly and honestly, drive sensible and you will never notice a difference on an F 150. (I've had several 4wd's in the 83-95 model years with both 31X10.5's and 235/75's).
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That far south Ice Storms are more of a concern than the snow. Any tire on a 4x4 and a decent driver is going to get you though the snow you folks get.

On ice, in a real Ice Storm, no tire is great. Some are better but as you know from living down there staying off the road is just the best answer.

Since you are not doing any real mudding I would get what you want and makes the truck look the best. Seems to me you are WANTING the 31's so get them.

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Thanks for all the good input.

I have one sad daughter because the seller of the 1994 called this morning to state he had made a mistake and the truck does have a lien on it but will be out of town today so he can not refund the $500 cash deposit we left with him until later this week.

While we will get our $500 back I am sure it still does not set well but it was a teaching moment. I told my daughter when you learn you are dealing with a loser and the $$$ is small it is best to just cut your losts and move on.

We will just focus on the getting the 1980 F100 ready of the initial project that stated the truck search. The vent glass is being replaced this AM and should get the new tires after lunch.

It seems to be a strong running 300 cid inline six with a manual gear box that should be a good old farm truck.