2320 Valve Adjustment

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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
I just did the 1200 hour valve adjustment on my JD 2320 (Yanmar engine) and thought someone might be interested. The cost at the dealership would be about $400 so I bought the shop manual and figured it would be worth my time to do it myself. It took about 2-1/2 hours. It would have been less but I ran into a couple of minor issues and I don't work very fast, especially the first time I'm doing something. The second picture shows what needed to be removed. The manual indicates that you don't need to take the muffler off, but unless you have the worlds smallest thin wall 10mm socket, there is one valve cover bolt that can't be accessed with the muffler in place. I tried 4 different sockets and couldn't get to it. Turns out taking the muffler off is probably a good idea because it makes accessing the valves much easier. The other problem was in removing the hose clamps that secure the air cleaner. It was clear they were put on before the engine was installed because the screws were very inaccessible. With a lot snaking around with various tools, I was able to loosen them enough to move them around. I reinstalled them differently so they will be easy to get to when I do this again in 10 years.

Most of the valves were OK but a couple were out of tolerance so I set them all to mid range of the specs (.006 to .010 inches). The flywheel TDC mark was easy to set to mark on the shield, but the marks aren't nearly as clear in real life as they are in the shop manual. I found that putting a strong light on the floor and point it up at the flywheel worked better. The valve cover gasket is rubber and requires no sealant. It's supposed to be reusable, but I did buy a new one since I didn't want to do this again soon.

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Thank you for your post. Have that many hours on my 4300 now, so should give that a try this winter when I can work in a warm garage.
Would expect some similarity in parts to remove and appreciate your pics with the post.