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May 17, 2009
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WELCOME !! Time to do a garden thread for 2024! Post what you would like to do this year. Varieties, equipment, garden size , etc. and yes pots, barrels, and raised beds qualify as gardens here.
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I have 2 exciting things for this years gardening season. My mother moved in a couple doors down from me and is the expert gardener of the family. She will be assisting in this summers veggie gardening. Going to go a bit bigger due to the extra help.

Also, I am helping my friend start a larger scale garden plot, like 20x40. I am excited about this because my garden does not produce enough to freeze much, maybe a few gallon bags of tomatoes but that is about it. With this larger garden in the mix I hope to be able to put more stuff up this summer.

That is it for now, will report back when I know more. Looking forward to hear about what y'all got going this year.
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Way too early to give much thought to this year's garden. I'll do my indoor starts in late Feb, but most won't get planted until Memorial day. Peas, spinach, and other cool weather crops get planted mid-May. Anything earlier risks getting killed by a late frost.
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Around May 1st before think about garden.
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Seeins as how I just turned 91 YO....I have to wait and see how I'm holding up come planting time. However, I did get the garden cleaned up from last year and cultivated. 🤞


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48Hp tractor, 6’ tiller, an ATV cultipacker, broadcast seeder and a new Jang seeder… I’m planting an acre of phacelia for honey production and also tilling another 1/4 acre for pumpkins, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes…
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I downsized due to deer overpopulation and not wanting to maintain a huge fence.
now have 2 4x8 steel raised beds with 7' high fencing.
Stapled down due to groundhogs.
The 50x40 is now just ornamentals, sage etc.

Radishes , tomatoes, blackberries, sage, maybe some squash later in the year.
That's about all I have room for.
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I’ve been buying a lot of cherry tomatoes lately, but store bought sucks.

What’s your fav variety?

I need to order some seeds soon!
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Something you may want to try I've had very good success with. 4-5 years ago I did a little studying up on scents animals don't like. Peppermint is at the top of the list. I ordered a quart of Peppermint extract from Olive Nation Peppermint Extract - PG Free Back then it was $18.99 a qt. Since then it has nearly doubled. But, in 3 years of use I've only used between 2/3 and 3/4 of that quart and have given maybe 8 oz. to a friend to see if it would deter squirrels in her garden. You only add 2 TBS per gallon of water and spray it on plants every 7-10 days, more often if you get some decent rains. There always seemed to be enough scent left to keep Deer, Groundhogs etc. away until I could spray again.

I put electric fence up 4-5 years ago and between the fence and spray kept animals from eating plants. Last year I experimented with just spraying and didn't plug in the fence. Deer walked through the garden but never touched anything. I sprayed everything with it from Beets to tomatoes, beans etc., and nothing was touched until the season was over, and even then took the Deer about a month to start browsing on the green beans.

I've probably got enough to get me through the coming year but will order another quart closer to Spring to have it on hand. I am fully convinced it works very well to keep Deer, Groundhogs, Rabbits, etc. from browsing on plants. It comes in smaller bottles if anyone cares to try it. Using only 2 TBS per gallon it does go a long way. You just have to stay with it and keep things sprayed. But I just mix it in with the organic pesticides I use killing 2 birds with one stone.

I prefer the grape tomatoes over cherry tomatoes, and not big on sweet. I prefer a more balanced flavor. Tami G, or Juliet, with Juliet being the favorite. They do get to a decent size, great to eat with a sandwich, on a salad, or a snack in the garden. They are VERY prolific..!!


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Both my sons are dating ladies who are wanting to get into gardening, so I'll be putting one in for them and mine. Be a busy but good year. Both my grandsons will be right there in the dirt too. Going to be a good year!