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Jan 31, 2011
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I have a friend that is trying to sell his dad's tractor and he is woundering what its worth, He needs to get rid of it for his Dads safety(sometimes you do what you have to do weather you enjoy it or not) He can send pictures by e-mail.
Here is his e-mail to me. Contact Mario at 3604301220. the tractor is located in the Philly area I think!

It's a 1955 Ford 640 Tractor, Serial Number 15796 <>, 132ci Red Tiger Engine, 31 HP 4speed with PTO and a 3point Hitch. It comes with a Brush Hog , Disc cultivator, Swivel Blade and a Boom lift.

This tractor is not without issues! It runs, the Radiator has a leak , there is some checking on the tires, it need some TLC and a good mechanic to restore it. The guages are all shot except for the oil pressure guage that shows good oil pressure. The wireing has been modified, the headlights are there but not functioning. The brush hog works!
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checked tires are pretty common on an old tractor.

working oil pressure guage is a must.. so that is good.

does it still have a genny /6v positive ground or has it been ahem 'upgraded' to an alternator 12v negative ground. those will be things you want to list tothe prospective buyer.

the rad leak. is it in a tank or the core.. if ont he tank, solder a penny to it after hitting with some sand paper and flux.. if int he core.. that could potentially be a 300$ fix by the time it is all said and done, if the rad is not repairable. so keep that in mind.

if on a single tube, and you see the leak, it can usually be soldered off, or the fins peeled back and soldered with a piece of copper pipe as a sleeve patch, ir in worst case, cut at the hole, both sides pinched, soldered then rolled and soldered..