1500 water pump

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Just curious didnt we know there was a conversion kit availible for the 1500. I was thinking we talked about it before. I was also thinking the 1700 there was no kit? Just correct me if im wrong, mabe i imagined it, and its a new item.
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We just finished up the kit for the 1500. It turned out really good. We are just waiting on one more shipment of adapter brackets to come in from a company here in Texas. We hope to have them ready to ship in the next few days. They are a true work of art... they do an amazing job. The prototype is already installed on a tractor but I will upload a picture once they get here. We had to use a stunt double on our temporary pictures on the website so the aluminum bracket shown is not the real bracket.

I hope to have a video soon of the tractor with the pump installed.

The conversion kit for the 1700 has been available for several years --

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Does anyone who has added one of these kits have a temperature comparison of before/after?
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That is a good idea. We are the only ones to have this1500 kit installed yet but we should test before & after temps. If only we had some really warm weather so we could test it properly :laughing:

10 Day Weather Forecast for Iowa Park - weather.com

I have seen several post about the 1700 kit lowering temps substantially. I'm sure the 1500 kit will be similar.
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Aaron, Don,t take a chill waiting for that really warm weather, it's due next month. HAHA
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The brackets finally arrived and they look great! We are finishing up the instructions and the first kits should ship today.


oh... and the 10 day weather forecast I posted almost a month ago is still accurate! :) Still no rain in sight & 55+ days in a row now of over 100 degrees.