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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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We got a set of these forks back in 2010 and have used them several times. Now that we are cleaning up old storm damage and digging/pushing out dead/unwanted trees preparing to move a hill up to the house to prep for a shop building site we are using them for brush forks.

Sometimes I have them mounted too wide for some short pieces of logs to catch on both forks. Other times I will push into a mangled mess of brush trying to save hand loading it and a lot of stuff will be hanging off each side.

The daughter said we needed one more fork to go into the middle so I said I would order another set which I did yesterday. Since the bucket is 7.5' wide I expect we will use all four at the same time. If I am using them as pallet forks with heavy loads will will just use two on each side since they are about 2" round pipe.

They are very strong and I have not yet bent or broke either of the first set of forks even with our 60 HP JD 310B backhoe. The first set chains are a little short and I told the same salesman when I ordered yesterday and he said they would add a foot of chain to the new ones before they ship out FedEx today.

As noted by others you can NOT see the tips of the forks when the bucket is flat. This is not an issue when loading wood by hand but a spotter is nice to have when driving under loads. The kids (14 yo) are getting better at signaling the needed bucket position.

Keep in mind for the ones with quick connect everything and plenty of $$$ or do commercial work just get you a real set of forks. For the rest check them out.

Installing/removing is a simple one person task. The oil well casing is very strong steel. At first I was upset they were round but that turned out to be a non issue and permits them to be rated at 3500# per pair.

Two pair will mean i have $300 in my set of two to use as brush forks. If you do not have them you will need a binder for each fork. I found the $49 set they sell worked well.
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Thanks for the review. I plan to pick up a set of these eventually for moving brush around.