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Feb 12, 2006
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Has anyone used a linear actuator on any type of tractor application? I had thoughts of using one for a chute control on a snowblower. Do these work well in cold weather? the ones i've looked at on Ebay were rated at 250 lbs of lifting capacity...... though i would imagine that would decrease in cold weather. I know hydraulics can be used for this.... but i thought a linear actuator might be a simpler install in my application. Any thoughts ??
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Saw one used on MythBusters just the other day. They used one to work the gas pedal in a car for a remote control application.

I don't know how waterproof or ice-proof they may be.

eBay linear actuators
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Come to think of it a linear actuator is used on the larger satellite dishes in rain & snow.
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Yes, I had one on my used blower but it was busted when I bought it. Over $300 for a new one from the snowblower manufacturer. I have been watching eBay. should be able to get the right one for about $100.
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Duck tape,

what kind of blower? I rigged a auto wiper motor to turn mine, and others have too. I can show you some pics if you like
I also used a linear actuator to move the chute. cheap and smooth. easy to connect. No hoses etc.
feel free to PM me.link
Hope this helps
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My blower is a BWM i bought used only a few days ago. The chute is a bit more primative than most others i've looked at...... however i felt the price was right. I've actually contemplated having a better chute made for the unit before winter. I hadn't even thought about an ATV winch or a power window motor for rotation......... but thats exactly why i love this site !! I knew someone...... or many someones had already tackled this problem. I'd really like to get rid of my crank/cable setup altogether.... its rather primative, and almost takes two hands to crank that sucker anyway. I have been looking on Ebay at linear actuators..... but i have plenty of access to power window motors for free. Perhaps a window or winch motor for rotation, and a linear actuator for the chute deflector? I appreciate the link to a previous thread on this subject..... i would really like to see more pictures of anyone elses solution to this problem !


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