1. rmonio

    Used Pricing - Frontier 6’ Boxblade and 72” Farm King Finish Mower?

    Folks - I’ve come across these products and I’m wondering what is a fair price - and I do mean fair (low-balling aside) - for them? The owner has indicated that both are roughly 20 years old - but are kept well overall. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this. -Bob
  2. T

    Used an impact wrench and welded nut to remove seized hydraulic pin

    The pin on the backhoe bucket was frozen to the point it had ripped a weld free from a 1/2" steel bracket. Would not budge with lots of heat, PB blast, sledge and drift. So welded a 1 1/8" nut on the end and using the impact wrench back and forth many times it broke free. Dewalt and the Harbor...
  3. M

    Prepping new(used) implement for for my hydraulics

    Just picked up a 3 point splitter that I'm going to use on my Kubota BX25. I know, I know, it's going to be slow etc...I don;t do much splitting so not having a small engine sitting idle for long periods of time are the major pro to the purchase. I picked it up used(looks like it's hardly been...
  4. D

    Kawasaki Mule Clunking issue after being used pulling a mower out of the mud.

    I was out of town and my friend used my 2010 Kawasaki mule to pull a stuck zero turn out of the mud. It now has a loud clunking noise coming from somewhere and I'm not really seeing where. The clunk happens in every gear, as well as neutral and speeds up and slows down with the throttle. Any...
  5. H

    Is white pvc mipt used for dwv fittings fine, coarse or 2.44 fine?

    I purchased a food grade IBC tote for water at my property and need a fitting to screw onto the valve. Amazon wants to know the thread type. The IBC is 3 hours away but when last there I unscrewed the cap and went to TSC to try and create a fitting. The cap screws fine onto a male threaded 2"...
  6. M

    Used John Deere 4005 vs New Tractor

    I have an opportunity to buy a used 2012 John Deere 4005 4x4 tractor with a 300CX loader with 320 hours on it for $20K. It is the same or similar to a 990. It has 42 hp engine and 35 hp at the PTO. It is a 9x3 manual transmission (synchronized between first, second, and 3rd forward gears, NOT...
  7. Rock Crawler

    Trailer wood deck treatment: Brush on used oil, linseed oil, sealer stain, unicorn tears...?

    I have 3 trailers with wood planks for the deck and I have been annually brushing on Olympic transparent sealer stain, but each year it flakes off and needs re-applied. I've seen/read where old timers use used motor oil mixed with diesel or kerosene and brush it on the wood on a hot summer...
  8. Rock Crawler

    Sitrex SM-180 72" Finish Mower - Used 1 time.

    When I bought my L3560 tractor, I went and bought a new Sitrex 72" finish mower and a 72 brush hog. My thought was that I would get side work with the finish mower. I used it one time at my father in laws place and never used it again. It's taking space in my 12X30 shed for the last 2 years and...
  9. W

    MF 1705 used equipment

    Hello everyone, I have a MF 1705 and I am looking for a used disc to pull behind my tractor. I live in central Illinois, and I wondered if maybe a few of you might know where I can look for one of these? I have checked Craigs list and the dealers around me but no luck. I hate to buy a new one...
  10. snpower

    Woods GBC48 - Picked One Up Used

    Been looking for a box blade... prices are HIGH. Found one, about two hours away - $600 in great condition. It's mine now. Looking forward to using it!!
  11. D

    What do I look for when buying a used skid steer?

    I've been giving serious thought to the purchase of a used tracked skid steer for use on my own property. I own a small tractor that I used for most of my chores, but my property is heavily wooded and I'd like to be able to run a brush cutter in between the trees to open things up. There's...
  12. D

    Used MF 1526 for 3 acres

    I've been looking at Kubotas for a while now and was impressed with the B7800 and the B26XX series line. I just chanced upon a MF 1526 with around 1000 hrs for around $6000. Compared to the orange tractors would the MF be sufficient for my needs? I'm mainly interested in loader and PTO...
  13. G

    Used Kubota L5030 - Good Buy?

    Hi Experts, Wanting to gut check a potential tractor buy. Looking at a 2003 L5030 GST with 900hrs, comes with FEL and curtis cab, and has a set of rear remotes. It's immaculate, has full service records, and haven't found anything comparable in this price range in my region. I've negotiated it...
  14. D

    What is my commercial Toro walk-behind worth?

    I have a 2012 Toro commercial 48" walk-behind mower model 30078 with a Kawasaki engine. I'm trying to sell it and have been unable find any ballpark price ranges for it. It's as if the Internet has been scrubbed of such information. Any clues to sources I might use to determine market value...
  15. B

    Expected Depreciation in Used Tractors?

    Seeing the post this morning about the decline of the new tractor market made me think. What is the expected deprecation of used tractors? How much per year or per hour can you expect your equipment to lose in sale value on the used market? I'm sure it matters if you are picking up a JD or...
  16. L

    How old a tractor would you go if you require a front end loader?

    I've seen some of the older tractors with a front loader. They look rickety. I don't expect old to look brand new, but since I require a front loader, how old a tractor with a loader would you consider. For the sake of argument, please suppose the tractor itself is in good working condition...
  17. K

    LS MT125 For Sale

    Located in Carnation, WA. Selling my trusted, beloved and deeply cared for 2019 LS MT 125 tractor with 190hrs only. Always garage kept, this tractor is rust free, comes with the bucket, mid-mount mower, backhoe, and a box blade. This little thing is 25HP and is very powerful for its size –...
  18. R

    Price Check  1979 Yanmar 195D with implements

    Hi All, looking for advice. I'm looking at a 1979 Yanmar 195D that is in good condition and up to date on maintenance. It comes with a loader, mower, post pounder, tiller, and box blade. It does not have ROPS. Could someone please suggest a ballpark price for this setup? From what I've read...
  19. M

    Backhoe for New Holland 2120

    I am looking for a used backhoe for my 2120. I believe it is a Ford/New Holland 758B. Anybody out there with one for sale?