1. R

    Troy Bilt tiller stalls

    My twenty year old Tray Bilt tiller will run for five minutes then it starts sounding as if it is under load, missing slightly, rpm starts varying, and it dies. It won't restart until it sits for ten minutes. Then the process starts again, run for ten minutes, then stall. Any ideas?
  2. J

    NH TC30 Stalls When removing Parking Brake or taking it out of Neutral

    I have, what appears to be, a common issue. However, following all other's previous recommended fixes, I still have my issue. Background: I have a 2004 New Holland TC30. HST. Starts and runs great. I can move the bucket. It will run all day long as long as I don't take off parking brake or take...
  3. P

    '48 8n stalls when hot

    Just rebuilt the distributor. New coil, new plugs. Issue was tractor wouldn't start. Seems plugs ended up being the issue. Now it runs well until hot then acts like its starving for fuel and sputters/dies. Then will not restart/run unless at full choke. I drained the tank and filled with fresh...
  4. Doug5790

    1600 Turbo Stalls when trying to move

    Just bought a 1600 Turbo II WAM. It starts and runs great. When you step on F or R extremely lightly at idle, it will move at about 2 feet per minute forward or reverse. Try and give it a little more juice?.....shuts off. Must try twice to restart.....first try feels like no fuel. Second fires...
  5. KilroyJC

    Oregon 22TON Log Splitter Honda 190 Runs, sputters, dies. Occasionally recovers, then repeats.

    So I went out to fire up the log splitter for the first time since last year, and it started on the second pull! YAY!!! and then, after about two minutes, it sputtered Coughed sputterEd, stumbled, sputtered then died. pulled it again, started right up, then repeat. gas was fresh, used two...
  6. 1911diehard

    JD300 Rough Start and Stalls when moving or using hydraulics

    Hello, I recently purchased a JD300 backhoe/loader. First industrial heavy equipment I've purchased. Issue is, when I need to start the backhoe, I need to pull the choke in and out and in and out and "pumping" the choke while turning the key for like 5 to 10 seconds to get it started. Once...