1. O

    Right to Repair - manufacturers obligation

    What are the obligations for tractors manufacturers in terms of time for supplying spare parts for the tractor and equipment they produce and sell in the market. In Europe, manufacturers are legally required to supply spare parts for up to 10 years. In the U.S., President ***** signed a...
  2. WinterDeere

    Cast iron repair

    I have a 32" bandsaw ca.1920, with a chip in the rim of the upper wheel. I'm trying to figure out the best way to repair, before re-tiring the wheel. Wheel is cast iron, with a machined rim and hub, and some spot removal on the spokes for balancing. Since getting it right and strong is much...
  3. S

    Backhoe hydraulic repair

    Hello tractor gurus . Kind of a newbie didn’t grow up with this stuff . Bought my first tractor at about 60 years old.own a Kioti 26 and an old Ford 4500 industrial with 755 backhoe .Just pickedup last year for 2 grand .new injector pump starter.added Silverado seat an boat seat for back hoe...
  4. R

    Mitsubishi D2000 parts catalogue or re-assembly direction

    So, I have a D2000 and the hydraulics suddenly went soft. The pump is good, it will lift some weight but when I turn the tractor off, the 3pt hitch falls unless I have the valve under the seat closed. I have, through t-shooting, determined that's it's probably leaking int he control valve...
  5. P

    MF 492 Project

    I have a 2006 Massey Ferguson 492 4wd with 1070 Loader and Cab. The perkins diesel engine runs very well and has been gone through already with cleaned fuel tank, cleaned fuel lines and injectors, along with a new injector pump (old stuff damaged prior from bad fuel). A new clutch has also been...
  6. P

    Fast track

    Lad I have a jcb fast track 1996 1115 and I am having a problem getting if to go into reverse it will go into High and low but won’t go into medium any one got any idea I can’t seem to fine the beeper Where can it be
  7. F

    Hydraulic cylinder repair, welded

    Hi, I'm new to hydraulic cylinder repair, and was wondering if I could have some advice on the cylinders I have and how to go about repairs. I bought a second hand loader recently and am making repairs as I fit it to my Massey 35. Photo one shows the cylinder. There's weld on both ends and the...
  8. N

    How to flush / unclog Kubota L3301 fuel system

    While working the other week I had my Kubota L3301 died while running. When trying to restart it turned over but would not fire. After letting it sit for a few mins it would restart and have the same issue intermittently. After investing, I found out the fuel line from the tank to the petcock...
  9. T

    New holland Tc55da hydraulic filter

    Hey everyone. Just bought a new holland tc55da. For around the farm. Can’t find a aftermarket hydraulic oil filter. Oem filter # SBA340500951 They want $310 for it from the dealer. Anyone out there had any luck with a replacement for it ?
  10. W

    McCormick Parts

    I am searching for parts for a McCormick CT-41 (R-41) compact tractor. Front bearing and seal is out and need replacement. I have had no luck and our surrounding area has not heard of this tractor. Please help.
  11. T

    Balancing flail mower rotor

    In many, many other threads, when someone mentions the need to get a flail mower rotor balanced due to vibration, the response is typically "find a reputable driveline shop and they'll fix you up." I've called all of the reputable driveline shops within 2 hrs. and they all stated they can only...
  12. D

    G350 lifted tires in air/contols wont work

    So my dad just bought a tractor, and when getting it off the truck the bucket came down and lifted up the tires. The controls no longer seem to be working (possibly because a bunch of hoses i ripped off). Is there a way to lift the bucket up so the tires will be on the ground? Any ideas? My...
  13. Skramps

    Flail mower bearings

    Hey guys, I’m rebuilding a Mott 60 flail mower I picked up for $200. I’ve priced out the parts I need and it’ll run me around $650. The bearings and housings are almost $160 per side. Ive cleaned everything up as best I can. My concern is on the cuttershaft ends. One side looks good but the...
  14. pqjp

    Fixing up an old Woods M5-3 "Dixie Cut" brush hog

    Found an old Woods Dixie Cut brush hog on craigslist. Little to no rust but a leaky seal, very worn blades and cracked lift arm (which was welded on.) Figured out it's a Woods M5-3 - was able to get the product manual from woods which was nice. Got a new seal from german bliss - changing...
  15. P

    JD 2210 HST cranks but won’t start.

    I got this Tractor as a barn find only 85 hours. It hasn’t been turned on in years. When I go to turn it on all it does is crank. I emptied all the fuel out of it and replaced it with new. Still does the same thing. All the fluids are full. I pulled off the injector lines and they had fuel but...
  16. Zork

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I hope that this thread will continue as others perform maintenance or adjustments on their tractor. Century included. My tractor seemed to be struggling with HP lately. The tractor did not roll on a slight incline as it did in the past. It turns out that the brakes were sticking. I pulled the...