lift pump

  1. N

    Fuel line Bleeding

    I am have some real issues with my tractor not starting. I replaced the fuel filter and can't seem to get the air out of the system. I have tried to follow all instructions but it's just not working. I think one of my problems may be that my fuel lift hand pump doesn't work. (It doesn't seem to...
  2. F

    Ford 3000 diesel 3cyl losing prime when sat

    Hi, I have a Ford 3000 3cyl diesel from 1967, UK build, with a Simms fuel pump priming problem. I've owned it around 2 years, and throughout that time found the fuel system will lose prime if it's not started for some time. Started once a week there's no problem, but at around 2-3 weeks between...
  3. Scotti35

    G2160 lift pump overheating and dying over and over

    Hi all, I have a 2010 G2160 mower with 3-cyl diesel. 816 hours. Been having an ongoing problem with the electric lift pump dying. The setup is: Tank -> filter -> lift pump -> filter -> injection pump Last year, it lost power... replaced fuel filters, and boom. Good to go. This year, the same...