1. W

    Shibaura SD2243D charging system

    Hey folks, I have a Shibaura SD2243D that wouldn't start this morning. It sounded like the battery was very weak. I was able to jump start it with a battery block, but even with the tractor running, I see only 12 volts at the battery. I'm thinking my alternator may be shot. My plan is to...
  2. kjeremyjohnson

    Wiring diagram for John Deere 2030 diesel tractor

    Hello everyone...first day here in the forum. I have a 1973 John Deere 2030 with diesel engine, 8 fwd 4 rev Hi/Lol transmission, and I'm looking for a wiring diagram for it. Does anyone have anything I could possibly download or look at? I have the OEM tech manual but it's not much help. Hoping...
  3. C

    JCB 530B telehandler Charging

    I have a JCB 530B telehandler. Have been jump starting it with my pickup. put a meter on the battery and the alternator is not charging. Put a new alternator on and still not charging. looking at wire diagrams on line it looks like there is a excite wire that goes to a battery light in the dash...