1. 7

    Mitsubishi L3E 3 cyl diesel Pistons. Where to buy them? Next size up (+0.25mm)

    My L3E had a mouse chew up the air filter and now the compression is low enough it will not start. Time for new pistons and a bore. Where can I find good quality (hopefully OE quality) pistons for an L3E 3 cylinder diesel?
  2. S

    What water bottle do you have?

    I'm trying to buy a water bottle to use because I need to drink more water but am baffled by the huge number of brands, shapes and capacities. Someone said buy a Yeti but there are dozens of those. I looked at some 40 ouncers at Costco but it's the size of a thermos and won't fit in my...
  3. WoodChuckDad

    New TV. Purchase and delivery, Who to buy from ??

    The Brand is Sony. I have a Best Buy and a Crutchfield local to me. I could also just order straight from Sony. I'm trying to think of a reason to buy from one of the stores. The new models come out in a month or so and I don't expect the prices to be better. I have a model in mind that I...
  4. G

    Used Kubota L5030 - Good Buy?

    Hi Experts, Wanting to gut check a potential tractor buy. Looking at a 2003 L5030 GST with 900hrs, comes with FEL and curtis cab, and has a set of rear remotes. It's immaculate, has full service records, and haven't found anything comparable in this price range in my region. I've negotiated it...
  5. plowhog

    New Diesel Truck-- Buy Now, or Wait?

    I would like to have a new 3/4 heavy duty diesel pickup. My 2011 GMC 2500HD has given me excellent service. I have maintained it well, its running fine now, but since it has over 250k miles I am thinking of getting a new one. Now 13 years old, I feel I need to re-start the clock on a new truck...
  6. N

    Anyone want to sell a 1430 or 1445 or downsize to a 425?

    I am thinking of moving up to a larger machine and wanted to put some feelers out there:) I have a PT425 with bucket, brush mower, finish mower, mini hoe, forks & hitch mount. I have been looking for a 1430 or 1445 but have not come across a clean used one. Please message me if you have one...