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Jun 30, 2021
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Hi All,
The brakes on my 2310 don't work very well. It is hard to stop the tractor. I have to push very hard on the brake pedal. I have adjusted the brakes according to the manual. They sometimes drag too and I suspect it is because the shaft that actuates brakes needs lubing, probably on both sides. I don't know if I can lube the shafts by applying oil to the shafts where they go into the brake housings.
I do have new brake shoes sitting in a box. The fellow I bought the tractor from thought he needed new brakes, bought the shoes, then determined somehow that new brake shoes were not needed after all.
My questions are:
Can the shafts be lubricated without taking anything apart?
Are the brakes on these tractors generally kinda weak?
Is it hard to change the shoes?
Can the brake shoes glaze the way car brake shoes can?
I guess that's all the questions. If the brake shoes are fairly easy to replace then I will open up the brakes to take a look inside.
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Thanks for posting that link. I forgot to reply earlier and apologize for the late reply.
Thanks Again,
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Eric, open up the case and inspect the brakes. I think you will find a bunch of soil inside.