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Mar 26, 2024
Yanmar YM2420
My fan belt broked on my Yanmar 2420. I found a belt that fits but I am not sure I have re-installed it correctly. I never really looked at the belt when it was on the tractor.

From what I could tell the belt needs to be on outside of the lower raidator hose..meaning I had to take the lower radiator hose off to replace the fan belt. Now I am wondering if I did it right.

Has anyone done this?

If anyone has this tractor and can send me a couple of photos of the belt installed that would help.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Don't know whether this will help or not.
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Huge thanks. I needed one more angle but from what I can tell I have the belt on correctly. If I routed it inside of the lower radiator hose it would be rubbing against it. Seems strange to have to take the hose off to change the belt but I think that's only way to do it.

Thanks again.
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Ensure that the belt is routed through all the pulleys in the correct manner. Refer to the tractor's manual or any diagrams you can find online to confirm the proper belt path. If you need father assistance, yanmar tractor customer service will be probably able to help you.
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