Yanmar Ke -3D

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Eric a

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Nov 14, 2022
Yanmar Ke -3D
I have a friend who.just bought a Yanmar Ke -3D. He would greatly appreciate any information anyone could provide.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Welcome to TBN. Try searching for Yanmar KE-3D in your search engine. You'll get several hits, some of which are even You Tube videos.
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Search 'Yanmar Ke3' for more hits. 'D' suffix means 4 wheel drive.

Here's the list of what's on this site:
(Try that again for Ke3d also)

Here's an auction listing for one, with some specifications.

Also, Hoyetractor.com is the go-to parts site for Yanmars that weren't imported to the US by Yanmar-USA. But they don't show the Ke's in their list of supported models.
Their customer discussion board might have someone familiar with it.
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I parted out a K4D. Basically the same tractor. FWD gears that go bad are all ready gone