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Mar 9, 2008
I have a Yanmar US35D and when the guy I bought it from installed the loader he cut the line from the pump, run hoses to the loader control valve, and then to the back of the tractor as it would normally go. I'm now needing some rear remotes and would like a 3rd function for the loader.

Underneath the right floorboard it has these lines and the outlets are plugged. While I know they are hydraulic lines can someone with more hydraulic knowledge than I have verify this is the place to plumb the rear remote too?

If there are any questions please consider this a JD 1070 or 990, they are about the same tractor


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I plead ignorance, however, I did look over both the John Deere 990 and 1070 on the John Deere parts sight and see nothing comparing to those lines under your tractor. I can only theorize those lines just make a loop. In other words flow is going thru there. No idea which is supply and which is return. "If" those outlets on the block could be used with a hollow screw similar to this then I suppose that could feed another outlet. I'm sure there would have to be some sort of plug used in that manifold to cause the flow to go on thru. However, take all this with a grain of salt. Pure speculation from this end. John Deere Hollow Screw M800853
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I agree I couldn't see anything on the 1070 Hyd. either.
On my 50hp. Ford I run 2 pumps. The Org. Hyd. pump for the 3pt. lift and then I use a Hub Coupler and shaft to another Aux. Pump for the FEL..
Then you can hook backup the 3Pt. correctly and have it working and the FEL. off the front pump with a Hub coupler. Not very expensive or hard to setup. Bolts to the crankshaft pully. Believe I seen Northern Tool has a complete setup with the Shaft and Pump,
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If the loader valve has power beyond, it is a not unreasonable hookup. Although personally, I'd prefer not to have hydraulic lines running on the low point of the tractor.

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Thanks for the thoughts, I'm still trying to figure this one out.
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I'm not a hydraulics expert but do have experience with industrial hydraulic systems. I have a Grey Yanmar and added a loader to the original system using this method (Installing remote hydraulics on your Yanmar.)
I think your tractor is probably plumbed the same way and it is critical to keep a safe flow path for the high pressure oil to keep from splitting the pump due to a dead-head condition. As I understand your description, your existing valves (piped in series and each should have an internal relief valve) will provide an unrestricted path for the high pressure oil through the valves and back to tank when neither function is being used. This also provides overload protection to each valve due to the internal relief valve.
Here are my thoughts on your installation.
  • A 3rd function on the loader. You should just need to replace the control valve with one that has an additional valve function as long as it has the same internal relief and flow through capability. Your valve supplier should be able to spec the correct valve and provide installation instructions.
  • Added remotes. I have never done anything with tractor hydraulic remotes so take this as opinion only.
    • I think you will need to add an additional selector valve with remote system control valving in-line with your current valves to provide power for rear remotes. Just tapping into each line will not generate any flow/pressure to the remotes due to the free flow through the existing 3 point and loader valves.
I did a quick search and found several remote kit suppliers and YouTube "How it works" videos that may be helpful to understand the operation.
Keep us posted on your progress.
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Steve, your link is exactly how my loader is plumbed currently and I'm not wanting to disturb and of that. I am wanting to add a 3rd function and rear remotes to operate a lane shark and a 3 pt log splitter. I have an appointment with a shop hear locally and he has the correct equipment and gauges to determine my next move. When in doubt consult an expert.