Yanmar F20D - Clutch problem

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Oct 4, 2014
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yanmar f20d
At last I believe I may have identified what is causing a really irritating problem -- tractor works fine for about an hour and then it just stops driving forward and the clutch pedal feels disconnected -- ;leave it for about an hour and allis well again -- I believe it may be that the 'forks' that operate the clutch inside the bell housing are seizing onto the shaft once warm and hold the clutch disengaged until they cool down again -- I am speculating but it is the best I can come up with SO.......
IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO - am i missing a grease nipple ( I have found a couple underneath) or is there any access to the clutch without splitting - etcc etc -- any hints or tips gratefully received
   / Yanmar F20D - Clutch problem
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Sadly no however I am 100% convinced the problem lies with the clutch fork seizing as it warms up - a judiscious application of baler twine on the lever brings the plate back into contact with a jolt !!!! - applied mucho oilto shaft but suspect a split is implicated - thank you for asking