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Mar 28, 2023
Ford 1720
So I have this backhoe on the back of my '88 Ford 1720.

When I'm finished using the machine and I park it after some time the Boom and the bucket both start to float and slowly fall to the ground. Ill park it and the after a few days it will basically be resting on the ground. Now I have a few leaky cylinders. Would that be the issue and when I rebuild them with a seal kit fix this issue or is it a deeper problem in the valves?

Are these seal kits all i need to rebuild these hydraulic cylinders? This kit is for the boom and dipperstick.

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This is the cheapest place to start problem solving. You could disassemble the cylinder(s) and have a good hydraulic or seal shop match up the parts you need.

Most likely, this will solve the problem.
If you do buy these kits, they would be all you need.
   / Woods BH750-2 (3301 & up serial #)
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Thanks, yes I bought seal kits for the Swing, Boom, Bucket, and both Stabilizer cylinders to re-seal them. The Dipperstick cylinder was re-built before I bought the machine. I hope the re-seal of the Boom cylinder stops the floating down of the backhoe when I leave the machine off overnight.