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Glad your son's OK.
yeah, I thought I'd better add that. He was very fortunate that night. I will fix it as inexpensively as I can to make it roadworthy, but I think a blue ranger hood, and fender will be a reminder.

thank you
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Geee, I use to drive through there!! lol

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Super cool as long as you keep the condenser clean, just open the door to access it:

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We are just coming out of a drought, but I did get a bit off track too.

I had to go get a bigger horse and pull it out. lol

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I was working on the drive today doing some fill and back drag work. I looked at my box blade and it had a good bit of hydraulic fluid on it. The remote supplying hydraulics to my FEL was hemorrhaging from the Quick connect. Managed to get it back to the parking/storage place but could not get the Quick connect to release. I was overheated, and disgusted and wrapped it up and called it a day. Well at least the box blade, the three point hitch arms and the PTO will be protected from rust. To add insult to injury the float on the FEL quit working shortly before the leak. Maybe a control cable problem.
At least I will have something to keep me out of trouble next week.
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I've been grading and doing a lot of back dragging with the 4 in 1. It's handy because i can use the edge of the bucket or open it and use the bottom of the bull dozer blade.

I've got this orange mud that goes from potters slurry to granite in about 1 week. When dry, After i back drag it it's like a pool table, until it rains again tomorrow.

I was hand raking it, trying to scratch it up as much as i could but with little success and much perspiration!

I had not used the ratchet blade for a long time and it's got these teeth so i figured i'd try. My ratchet rake has 2 sets or teeth set about 90 degrees apart. The top set of teeth are pretty aggressive but I just noticed, the bottom set of teeth are finer, more of them and not as big.

I back dragged using those little teeth and it worked GREAT! It looked so good I almost planted corn! Spread seed and lightly worked it in with my harbor freight rake with the broken handle.