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May 31, 2011
La Grange, CA
Was adding a gate when I found an underground spring that ate my tractor.


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Neighbor came over with his kabota and almost buried that too. Linked up about 100+ feet of chains and straps so he could get his tractor on the street. Still took a bit of persuasion to get it out
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I have never had that happen to me. It's a good thing too because I have never seen a Kabota that could pull me out of anything. In fact, I have never seen a Kabota. However, I did see a dump truck get stuck in my driveway after I told the driver to get out and walk the stretch of sketchy driveway. He declined my advice and got stuck. The rescue truck got stuck too. The third guy actually took a close look at the situation and the two stuck trucks were pulled out. It was funny, sorta. The first driver started to give me a hard time about the soft roadway after he was pulled out. Then I reminded him that the reason he was there was to dump his load into the soft area. And I reminded him that I told him to get out and walk the road because everything was getting stuck in the soft roadway. And I didn't want him to get stuck too. It was kinda funny. The first driver to get stuck told me he didn't need to get out because he knew what he was doing. Implying that me, the dumbass homeowner, didn't know what he was talking about. The second driver also knew better that everybody before him so he got stuck too. The third driver actually paid attention and didn't get stuck. Of course the reason that I, the homeowner, knew about getting stuck was because I got my Case 580 CK stuck after dumping 4 yards of rock into the soft spot. At least I had the hoe to pull me out. And it wasn't easy.
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Oh my, nice that you have a good neighbor.
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Not all that bad. You were able to keep the engine above the goo. Loooong ago. My first tractor fell thru the ice on my moat. Rear tires on dry land - engine being held out of the water with the FEL and bucket.

I hand winched the tractor - up and out with a hand operated come-along. It was my 1982 Ford 1700 4WD. Purchased brand new in '82 and I was not about to give up on it. Took the better part of an hour and a half. It was darn cold too. Learned a valuable lesson. Ice in the moat is NEVER as thick as on my lake. In other words - stay the Hell off the ice in the moat.

Subsequently - there IS a place where I can cross the moat - any time of the year. Live and learn.