Mahindra 2565 starter problem

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Jan 7, 2023
Grant MI
Mahindra 2565
I recently had a very slow roll-over condition. The battery is 6 months old and I was using a 200 amp starter boost without improving the speed of roll- over. I had the battery tested and it was bad. A new one was placed and no change. I then took the starter off and had it tested. Bench test was fine. I was out of time so I had the dealership pickup the tractor for troubleshooting. The found the starter solenoid was bad. $786 later it was fixed. The moral of this story is even if the starter bench tests ok it may not reflect a load condition.
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Yep, been there with other parts. Frustrating, as the only way to check if the bench testing is incorrect is to swap out the part, which is not always cheap or easy to access.
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The Mahindra handles emissions differently, the EGR valve has a big job. A new valve was $900. That stung but it fixed the engine fault message and made the tractor run great. I had cleaned the valve several times. That always made it better but it finally stopped working.