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(Posted in TYM forum before I realized it would get more exposure here)

I have a T454 and I'm a little new to tractors. Using the FEL today I felt a "pop" or "snap" in the joystick. No hydraulic leaks. No other issues.

Now the joystick won't raise the loader. All other functions work fine. The joystick control will lower, dump and curl the bucket...just won't lift it. The joystick is complete limp...no resistance at all, when moving it to the rear (lift position).

I've removed the cover and boot around the joystick but don't see any obvious problems.

Of course the manual is of no use. I can't find an online diagram or parts catalog and can't call the dealer until Monday. Hoping someone might have some insight into what might be the issue.

Here's a few pics of the joystick control box (not sure what it's actually called. It appears to be a sealed unit. The cable that controls the inoperative cylinder appears to be attached at the hydraulic control manifold. I tried to loosen/remove the cable from the cylinder but it's still attached somewhere in the box. So I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Any advice or suggestions?

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How did you get the nut off? Is it a standard left to loosen? Do you have to hold the cable from turning somehow?
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I had a similar problem and the cable from the joystick to the valve had broken inside the sheath. I had to replace the cable and all was good again.
My TYM dealer told me that you can check by swapping your hydraulic lines to the loader and see if the problem changes to the opposite function. That way if you are stuck out in a field with the bucket down or in a bad position you can get it back to a usable position and make it back to the shop.
My dealer offered me an OEM cable or an after market which appeared to be identical but not in price. The difficult part was getting the joystick back on all three pivot balls. I hade to loosen both cables to allow for play at the joystick to get it on all three pivots.

I hope this helps, good luck.
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Just did a joystick replacement on my 3930. If you look carefully the pivot ball not attached to a cable is likely secured by a socket head cap screw from the bottom of the joystick. With that one loose the other pivot balls on the cables go together easily and you are pretty well done.