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I'm right handed and left eye dominant. All my bolt rifles are left hand. My dad had lost his right eye as a kid, so I suspect when he taught me to shoot, it would have been lefty. I don't know if it also explains the left eye dominance, or if it just lucked out that way.

Anyway, it's probably saved me a ton of money over the years, as there aren't near as many cool guns that are built lefty.

I do have 3 nice Ruger Hawkeyes, stainless laminates in .270, .25-06 and .300WM. A nice Win M70 .375 H&H Safari Express, and my main deer rifle an MRC X2 in .260Rem. I'm a big lever gun fan too.
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I'm a southpaw. My preferred shotguns are over/under or pump. My .22 is a Remington 572 pump, which has the advantage that it will shoot shorts just fine and is noticeably quieter than a 10/22 shooting LR.

Lever ejection is not a problem. I have a Henry Big Boy and a Marlin 1895 and both eject just fine for me.
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I shoot on the right shoulder (right eye) after a shoulder injury during the recovery I practice shooting on the left shoulder I was still accurate in my shooting but I had to close my right eye during my aim (I otherwise shoot with both eyes open), then it was awkward and almost unsafe for certain aspect like reloading or unloading the gun, usual simple task felt unnatural and I had to think about where to put my hands and which hand should do what it was like I lost all my muscle memory, then simple things like putting the safety on or press the unlock the pump button for unloading the gun was now on the wrong side and awkward to access.
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I know two guys that are left handed and always shot right handed guns;found left handed guns awkward.
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I know two guys that are left handed and always shot right handed guns;found left handed guns awkward.
I was in the same boat, until I bought a LH rifle and practiced enough so it didn't feel awkward any longer.

At that point my shooting performance improved a bunch, and I'll NEVER go back to RH firearms!

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I know two guys that are left handed and always shot right handed guns;found left handed guns awkward.
My nephew had talked about "shooting", but I think it may have been handguns. Last week may have been the first time he had shot a rifle.

So, when we swapped from right to left, it was very awkward at first, but he got it down very quickly.

He is still using a patch over his right eye when shooting the 22LR with iron sights.

He can shoot the 308 Lever with a scope with or without the patch.

He is supposed to practice winking.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments... carry on.
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I'm a left master and strongly right handed. With a handgun no problems long guns...Houston we have a problem. Near 40 years ago I shot competitive (intramural level) skeet. I was pretty good closing one eye but by the end of the day man what a headache. One old codger heard me complaining and said just put a smudge in the middle of your left glasses lens and shoot with both eyes open....after a little familiarization work it was fantastic...no more headaches. In time I got to where I could shoot a rifle with a RDS with no smudge, both eyes open still need the smudge or close the eye for shot guns or iron sighted rifles.
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Most women are left eye dominant. I knew that and bought stickers to place over the left lens of the shooting glasses of lady who was my partner for 20 years. It allowed her to shoot with both eyes open but not let the left eye take over. We were shooting trap. She became a very good trap shooter.

It is an easy fix and everyone should be wearing shooting glasses, so no big deal.

We both took a clinic with Nora Ross who was/is one of the top trap shooters in the country. Nora is left eye dominant and shoots right handed.

IMO, a right handed person who tries to shoot left handed to address left eye dominance will not be as proficient as they could be.

But everyone can try and decide what works for them.