L39 is it a good buy ?

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To the original poster, you came asking if you got a good deal AFTER the purchase. Did you get a return policy if you didn't get a good deal?;)
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it is a great machine, I have 1440 hours on my L45 ad use it for everything. if you just using it around your place you will love it. Yes, there is a lot of maintenance but nothing to difficult. hoses are the worst pain in the rear on mine, the BH hoses that route through the dipper stick will rub through, I put a piece of hose on the BH and around each hose to stop this. should be good for another 1500 hours until you have to sink some money in it.
they have enough power to tweak your loader arms, so be careful when pressuring one loader arm more than the other.

- the company I work for scraped all the JCB units and went with either 310 deere or M62's, Bota and Cat excavators with all new ones being Bota. that's 3 states with hundreds of sites we got away from JCB at. Think we have 1 left running and 3 donner units for parts to keep it on the jobs.