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Dec 1, 2018
2015 Kubota L6060
Hey Guys
I'm currently installing a third remote on my L 6060, the kit is a L2265 from Kubota. Unfortunately it didn't come with directions or a schematic of the hydraulic lines. Would anyone have any information on where the lines hook to the tractor ?
I've searched the web for a L6060 emanual with no luck as I would of purchased one if I could find one
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More of a photo set on why Kubota needs a skid plate there than where the go. But here's photos off my L4060. They run back to the rear remote valves just above the rear axle. 20180622_125802.jpeg20180622_125849.jpeg20180622_130007.jpeg
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Make sure you get the WSM, Workshop Manual, not owners manual. Not much in the owners manual. The WSM is $200-300 or something. I had my dealer include one in the deal on my L4060 & never regretted it.
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To the TBN forum. As you can see, you came to the right place to get answers.

Here is a diagram: