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I'm not understanding where you are talking about splitting the tractor but normal procedure would be where the bell housing (clutch housing) bolts to the engine.
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I didnt want tk mess with bellhousing or any of the stuff close to m engine. I took apart the tractor here right in front of the transmission gearing and all the shafts that need to go either way were just in the bearings with no snap rings.
Was able to get my broken shift fork out. Now waiting to braze this piece back together unless anyone has one they want to sell me


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My Reverse fork was broken. With a stuck clutch 2 stage. On my Ford so I had to send it out. I'm thinking the Stuck clutch was the culprit. Then I broke it again! sure did! Weak brake with a load of wood in the bucket. Scrubbed reverse shifting. :censored:and the shop. It will stop on a dime now load in the bucket or not! Do you know how it or caused it to break? Think I would make sure there not another problem that caused it.
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Have you been able to get a part number? Yanmar parts suppliers should be able to provide that for you if you. I think most all of them have access to parts manuals.

No idea what shift fork this is, says it is used on an F16. Used Shift Fork
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Like to see the shifter Itself. It would be a good start to find exactly what it is.
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It's after the fact but if that was mine, I would have given it a bath before doing anything simply because of all the filth falling into the cavities and causing accelerated wear inside.

You can weld that fork but you have to bevel the sides on both parts before welding it and multi pass (root pass and finish pass) the welds and preferably use a MIG with solid wire and shielding gas so long as the fork is cast steel.

If it's cast iron, all bets are off. It's possible to join cast iron parts but they have to be high temperature brazed, not welded

If you do weld it, you need to clamp it down securely and root pass one side and flip it and root pass the other side, then flip it again and finish pass and repeat and then grind off the excess welds to make the part level on both sides again.. If you aren't a competent welder with the proper equipment, send it to a weld shop and have them do it.

Looking at the part, it could be cast iron or cast steel and the only way to determine that would be to spark test it and why it broke like it did, there has to be mitigating circumstances like did you attempt to force it into gear or is the clearance insufficient to allow free movement?

Shift forks just don't break because, there has to be a reason why it failed in the first place. Just replacing it or welding it won't remedy the issue until you determine why it broke in the first place.

if it was mine and you want to repair it, I'd take it to a competent welding shop and have them do it. I do that sort of thing here all the time but I don't do it for free and neither will they (welding shop).

My 2 cents for what it's worth.
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Yea its pretty cold here that last little and was working in my un heated garage. I did lut the covers back on and give it a decent cleaning around the seem that i spilt it at. Havnt found anything yet as for a new part. I can weld pretty decently with stick and mig juat starting with tig. I do have some brazing rods at work that i can use with the oxy/act torch.
Pretty sure it broke as i had the snowblower on the back and tried to shift to 2nd and snow blower spinning a bit. All.i can think but its a clean break. If it breaks again it really wasnt all that much work to take apart to this point.
Anyone know of a usa tractor thats like the f16d with the shift on the fender like the f16d?
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Here some more pictures if anyone wants yo see whats the gear transmission looks like.
The reverse gear deffently has some wear
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Fredricks importing is showing A PTO shifter fork SF-4555 For the F20 all the way to model FX435. They show the Shifter Fork for all the Trans. Gears for the YM series. The part # and my book is Super old!!! 15yrs. at least. My guess is they may have it?
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