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Mar 17, 2024
Yanmar F16D
I have a f16d tractor was using it today and switched between reverse and 2nd and it kept going backwards.
If it try to put it in 1 or 3 it will stall out if i out in the 2nd spot stays reverse.
Is there a linkage between the pin the shift moves and a gear somwhere?
Any help sith a transmission diagram or manual would be awesome.


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Tractor data says it's Gear! I have nothing on that setup with the shifter on the fender. I do show a YM F16D 4Wd. 19 Hp. 3 Cyl. But list it Gear Drive. The F1610D 19Hp. 3 Cyl. Power shift But the Shifter is on the Transmission between your legs. Nothing on my Org. parts for a F16D. Find a number on the Trans and try to Identify it?
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Yea just trying to figure out what the pins under the coger the levers acuatlly move. I opened up the top fo the trans cover and couldnt see much.
Going to drain all the fluid hoping i can see a gear and pry on it or somtbing. I will look for a transmission identification
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Looks like that f14 manual does show the set up i am hopiny the shift fork didnt break off its either jammed or that happened as when it shifts the second which is on same side as reverse it stays in reverse but when going to 1 or 3 on differe t side it stalls out
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I am not aware of an F16 manual but here is an F14/15, maybe some similarities. YANMAR F14 F15 PARTS MANUAL NPC-1464
Searching for the F16 manual online has been difficult. Much of the time the results are the F16 jet fighter. And to add more complexity, the F16 is related to the F18. And by then all you get is nothing but fighter jets!

I gave up.

The best way to search is for the engine manual. From there the Parts Manuals are a better bet.

The Yanmar F16 is a popular machine, yet so difficult to search on.

Now as a hint in the F series. The F16 is the early version and the F165 is the later version.


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In the last post you will also see the FH16. It's an F16 with other options. When these go to the Gray Market and sent outside of Japan, these get badge as F16 models. When people need help, it's a bit confusing. The engine is still the same.

The FB16 uses the same engine found in the YM1601, YM1602, YM1610, YM1702, YM1720, YM1810, YB30, F15, YM220, YM226, and some Yanmar gensets. So Winstons' comparison will be a bit off F14, F15 not being the same.

Engine parts manuals for the 3T75 for those models could be used to help with working on a F16. Those can be found on the YTOG.

And even the 3T75HLE genset service overhaul manual in English is over there too. It should be 95% matching to the tractor engine.
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Well as expected the shift fork is broken, i was able to us a inspection camera to see and i can to the linkage which I noticed I cannot on the other side 1/3 shift fork. is splitting these tractors apart to get in there to replace this piece pretty self explanatory? any specials tools needed? I'm going to see if i can et the fork back together to get it going or find the replacement part.
thanks for any info i get.
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I got this far taking stuff off.
Can i break the tractor right here to access the transmisson? Does the clutch plate come with the back half?
I have a engine hoist i can borrow so will be using that to help remove this piece.


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