Glow plug issue

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Mar 29, 2021
Mahindra emax 22
Glow plug light on dash will not come on location of fuse for glow plug
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Have you checked the lid on the fuse box? Usually there is a list there that says what fuse does what and its current rating.
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Have you checked that the plugs are getting power when operated, could just be the bulb.
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If the fused are good then you probably also have a relay in the circuit, you might check it to see if it gets energized.
Do you hear any ticking sound?
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Probably no fuse for glow plugs, only for the relay and/or timer. They usually use fusible links for the power thru the relay to the plugs. You need to get information on your particular model to see how it operates instead of everyone guessing what could be wrong.
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Didn't ask before, does the tractor start, you don't need them to start. On my 2815 the circuit covers the glow controller, fuel pump, alternator and couple other items is protected by the same 10 amp fuse.