Ct445 starting problems

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Nov 21, 2016
Flat Rock, Indiana
bobcat ct230
Have a ct445 that I can’t get started. When I turn the key it will have a clanking noise. It feels like it’s trying to turn over and will have puffs from the exhaust but won’t start. I’ve changed the battery cleaned all the cables thinking it was a bad connection. I can’t tell if the starter is bad or not. Usually a bad starter will be a clicking noise. Before taking off the starter which looks like pain with the loader on what would you check out. Could it be a relay??
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If removing starter is that unappealing I'd suggest using HEAVY jumper cables from a fully charged battery to starter lug and chassis ground. Make certain pto,lifts and such are not active and tractor is in neutral plus wheels blocked to avoid being run over. If that causes it to start you'll need to troubleshoot with multimeter to find problem. That's what I have to do with my own tractors so I can't tell what's wrong with yours without doing the same.
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Put a volt meter directly on the starter terminals and have an assistant crank the tractor while you watch the meter. If it drops under 12 it’s probably a voltage problem. If it drops under 10 something is definitely not right. If you fail that test the next step is to hold the volt meter on the battery post while you crank it to determine if the battery is weak or the connections are bad. That’s not 100 percent conclusive because a burned out starter could draw excessive amps and still drop too much but that would be rare.