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Mar 30, 2024
Recently bought a used 2008 Bobcat CT122, with loader & backhoe, in pretty good shape & relatively low hours, so far, so good, but I'd like to do as much maintenance & repair as possible myself to help keep the cost of ownership under control ...unfortunately, the previous owner could not remember which manuals he had, or didn't have, nor could he find any of them...when I went searching the internet, I was astonished to see the prices Bobcat & other 3rd party agents were charging for the various manuals, why so much (?!) & why charge at all (?!)...as a newbie to this group I'm hoping there maybe some members with digital copies for this tractor, & accessories, who would be willing to share with me a digital copy of same ...hope I'm not breaking any chat room rules by asking for this kind of thing/support...thanks in advance for your consideration of my request;
- ct122 operation & maintenance
- ct122 tractor service repair manual
- ct122 parts manual
- 6TL loader manual
- 6TB backhoe manual
- 3 pth manual