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Jan 16, 2014
north west indiana
Bobcat ct225 and Bad Boy zero turn
Had a oil seal leak on one of the front wheels. When I went to change the seal I found this inside
   / CT 225 front wheel bearing
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When I drain the oil in the front axle I noticed a ton of metal shavings. Had to change the lower bearing also because all of the bearing pieces fell to the bottom and damaged the lower bearing. This is at about 700 hours. I use my loader to its full potential and run in four-wheel-drive almost all the time. I pulled The other site apart also just to check things out and it all seems fine. No complaints from me just thought I would post as a reminder to keep your front axle fluid changed and if you see an excessive amount of metal shaving in the oil might want to pull the housings off and do an inspection. Still love my tractor.
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I've had several issues with these bearing on my CT122, recently ordered more.


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   / CT 225 front wheel bearing
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Oh bummer. That’s not any fun. i’m replacing my damagedbearings with some hopefully better quality ones.
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The kicker is it always seems to be the bearing cage that fails, allowing release of the ball bearings which are the hardest material used in axles This can allow for some real damage if they find their way into any gear teeth.
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Today I noticed my front seals are leaking, both side.
How do I replace them.
I do not have a service manual.
Do I need one for this?
I know I must remove the wheels but then how much work is it?
How much time should it take?
Am I talking a day or a week.
Do I need a puller?

Any advice please
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Are you asking about the axle seal or knuckle seal?
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I'm not even sure what seal is leaking I know it's both side front axles that are leaking

I'm afraid to take it appart only to find that the seals are back ordered for the next 6 months. Lol

So I wanted to at least get the seals before opening the axle.
Now you are saying there are more than one. Lol I will probably order both seals x 2
For the bearing do I need to buy from BobCat or would they make an aftermarket? If I do need bearings.

And I dont know how much time should this job take, assuming I have all the parts. How long should it take to remove and replace seals (axle seal and knuckle seals, the tractor has over 2500 hours if I'm there should I replace both?

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Numbers 7 & 8 are your knuckle seals. If not leaking I would not mess with them. I haven't been into one of these but I would thing the bearings are standard ball bearings and available at any bearing house. You probably know you can go to the Bobcat site here and look at all your parts. Bobcat Parts Catalog - Find Diagrams for Your Equipment - Bobcat Company

Mechanical ability needs to be at least average to do this. Don't know yours.


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