1. U

    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    Got a call the operating room corridor hallway lights went dark... this is one of the circuits on the life safety panel. This wing was built in 1995 and circuit is lighting only... no outlets ruling out something like a heater being plugged in and overtaxing the 20amp circuit. Reset the...
  2. CycloneDr

    TC33DA & others - Dust Valve/Aerator on Air Cleaner?

    Hello all, On my tractor which I acquired used nearly 3 yrs ago, I have only recently noticed when changing the air filter that based on figures of the air cleaner assembly, my tractor is missing a part. In New Holland diagrams, this part is called the 'Dust Valve'. Others call it an Aerator...
  3. CycloneDr

    TC33DA - How to turn engine over by hand?

    Hi all, I have a TC33DA with around 1900hrs. It is currently "dead" in my shop, where I parked it after plowing some snow. Later on the same day, I discovered it wouldn't start. I have a characteristic clunk from the starter solenoid, and nothing else. Charged the battery. Checked the oil and...