1. Flowers

    Help Fixing JD GT Exhaust Leak

    Good evening, I am battling a John Deere x485 exhaust leak this week. Kawasaki 2-cyl FD711D. Ive replaced both the metal gaskets, but I notice the exhaust pipe flange doesn't seat very flat to the motor exhaust port on either side. They appear to be slightly warped. Can I flatten the pipe...
  2. D

    Kawasaki Mule Clunking issue after being used pulling a mower out of the mud.

    I was out of town and my friend used my 2010 Kawasaki mule to pull a stuck zero turn out of the mud. It now has a loud clunking noise coming from somewhere and I'm not really seeing where. The clunk happens in every gear, as well as neutral and speeds up and slows down with the throttle. Any...
  3. J

    Kawasaki FH680V-A26 Carb

    I have a Kawasaki FH680V-A26 on a mower that has a NIKKI carb 8Y26 1500470030 266-593 on it that I dropped the float assembly and it broke. Research tells me the current carb was probably bought off ebay and I can't find replacement parts for it. Any suggestions on a after market replacement ...
  4. Complete Turf Care

    Kawasaki Mule 4010 won't start

    I have a 2016 Mule that won't start. It was just fine yesterday when I parked it in the shop. It turns over just fine, but won't start. I pulled one of the plug wires off and got a good spark when cranking. I pulled a fuel line off where it connects to the injectors and it pumped lots of...