hour meter

  1. JWR

    BX2200 -- What is this beside the hour meter?

    Just to the right of the "1/10" explanatory printed mark beside the hour meter is a tiny window with a small vertical white mark that seems to alternate from white to black (or gone) when the engine is running. It is not fast but kind of blinking on and off and on ... maybe 2 or 3 seconds...
  2. scarlo101

    TN75 RPM

    Good day all, Yesterday on my TN75 when I started I heard a little bit of a different startup noise. I did not immediately notice anything wrong but later I noticed that I lost my RPM needle & hr meter. Is it common for this to happen? Has something disconnected or did the cable break? How...
  3. G

    773G Shutting Down Before Startup

    Hi there, ive got a 773G skid, that I’ve owned since new and all of sudden it’s developed what I think is an electrical issue. When I go to start it, I press the yellow “Run/Enter” button, the gauges and BICS screen all come to life, but only for a couple of seconds, literally. As it shuts...