differential lock

  1. M

    2007 Toolcat - no traction, stiff suspension, differential lock?

    I recently purchased a used Toolcat. A 2007 5600. Always thought they looked very handy and wanted one. Found one that was extremely rusty but at a good price. I've set out restoring it. One thing that has surprised me is how little traction the machine has. It gets stuck at even the...
  2. MailManX

    Kioti CK3510SE HST - How The Hell Do I Engage the Locking Diff?

    I have a 2021 CK3510SE HST. The darn diff lock lever below the left side of my seat feels stuck. It's been that way in the three months that I've owned the tractor. I've stepped on it, pushed on it by hand, tried it in gear, tried it in neutral and tried it after rocking back and forth a bit...