backhoe bucket

  1. C

    Backhoe bucket pin backed out one side

    Hello, I was digging up a stump and just as I finished I noticed this backhoe pin hanging out half way. I tried putting downward pressure on the other side to line things up again but still couldn't get it line dup enough to go back in. I think the bracket on the side still pinned might be bent...
  2. B

    Backhoe  LS Backhoe Bucket Quick Attach

    Does anyone have recommendations for a manufacturer that makes a quick attach for the backhoe bucket? I'm looking for something like the BXpanded or RetailREMS. Unfortunately these do not cover blue tractors. EDIT: Here are the links to the bucket QAs that I mentioned above: Backhoe Bucket...
  3. MailManX

    Backhoe  Need Fitment Advice For A Narrow Backhoe Bucket

    I have a Kioti Compact Tractor With a KB2475L backhoe. It came with a pretty wide bucket. I want to buy a narrow bucket, about 8” wide. Do they all fit the same? This is my first Tractor, so I’m still learning. Unfortunately, I did not get the backhoe manual with my tractor. I just want to make...