1. Y

    Loose pulley on YM1510d

    I have had this tractor a long time but never done anything but routine maintenance, the pulley behind the fan wobbles a little, can I tighten it or do I need to replace something?
  2. P

    Yanmar 1510 steering drag link

    Hey guys, I bent my steering drag link real bad on my old Yanmar 1510. Home Tractor Parts doesn't have one in stocker in their boneyard, and they can't tell me to use one from a different model (for legal purposes I'm sure, and I get that). But the rep also told me to come over here and ask...
  3. DJsYanmar384

    Yanmar YM1510D Shifter Adjustment Powershift

    I am looking for infomation on adjusting the shifter or rebuilding the linkage on my tractor. Please let me know if you have any insight on this. I have a Yanmar 1510D that runs well and works well but shifting is kind of a mystery. When its in gear it works great, I can shift up and down and...