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Massey Ferguson 175 Review

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MF 175 - Perkins A4 236 Diesel Posted by Derek Sebalj on 01/12/2012

Realistically, too much tractor for our 23 acres, but this machine does everything I need it to so, and then some. Bought it for $7000 Canadian including a heavy duty loader, 5 ft brush hog and a 6 ft two stage snow thrower.

I use it for towing a hay wagon, spreading manure, usual chores around the property such as pulling up fence posts, driving in t-posts, augering holes for fence posts, hauling dirt, dragging the outdoor riding arena, brush hogging and blowing snow in the winter.

Down pressure on the loader is a really nice feature. I have one set of hydraulic remotes for the snowblower chute. I've only put 100 hours on it in 2 seasons.

I had 6300 hours when bought. The previous owner had replaced the clutch at 6000 hours. Power steering doesn't really engage until about 1200 rpm, however, it has a very large loader on it, too large in my humble opinion.

The only significant repair was replacing the steering arm and shaft. Managed to find a used one at a local dealer and was able to replace it myself with a neighbors help (neither of us are mechanics but we are both pretty handy). That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars for reliability, otherwise, it would have been a 5.

The tractor likely saw some heavy duty use prior to my owning it. The loader has 1/4 inch steel plates welded onto it where cracks developed - I'm guessing the use of the loader is the likely cause of the failure of the steering shaft assembly.

Since I've replaced the block heater, it will start at the coldest temperatures (-25C) after being plugged in for 1 hour or less. It would probably start at colder temperatures, but haven't tried it below that temp.

Alternator is very weak (most likely original), but I compensate by putting a trickle charger on the battery a couple times a summer. Cracked wiring could be the cause of that problem, but I haven't had a chance to replace the wires.

Many common parts between it and the MF 165, so plenty of used parts around. All-in-all, a great tractor. I starts in the winter when all my neighbors have trouble getting theirs going. The local MF dealer is good, guys are really helpful and knowledgeable (Black's Corners Motor Sports, On, Canada), however, new parts are VERY expensive. I buy used where possible.

I love it. It's my first tractor and would buy another Massey Ferguson in a heartbeat.

Model year: 1971 Date Purchased: 05/16/2009 Number of Hours: 6300
Pros: Power, cold starts. Cons: Weak power steering, weak alternator. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: Canada Outside of the U.S. I also considered buying:
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