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Kubota L4300DT

Discontinued Model


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Kubota L4300DT is Small-Farm Workhorse
Posted 05/04/2013
by mistyridgeman
Model year: 2003 Date Purchased: 2003-05-01 Number of Hours: 250

"The L4300DT is a very popular tractor in this part of Appalachia. Fields are short and irregular here (except in the river bottoms), and the terrain is pretty rough. The relatively small L4300 has plenty of torque and great traction (especially in 4WD) for cutting weeds and brush, grading driveways, loader work, etc. I use it for haying, too. The L4300 handles a NH 451 sickle-bar mower, a MF 25 3-point/PTO side delivery rake, and a NH 66 square baler, all at 75% throttle or less. It is very, very economical. I can mow, rake (twice), bale and haul 5 acres of grass hay on about 5 gallons of fuel. It is not hard on engine oil at all. Annual oil change is sufficient for my purposes. The tractor is a little on the light side, so loaded rear tires and suitcase weights in the front are essential for field duties. The suitcase-weight mounting is a bit of a pain if you bolt down each weight (I just bolt down the two outside weights, and the all-thread tie bar holds the others in place no problem). Loader can be mounted with the weights in place, but it adds too much weight and loader cannot go all the way down. I would only do that in an emergency situation, such as moving trees off roadways. The loader is easy to hook/unhook, which is good because the loader is a bit too heavy to keep on for field work or brush-hogging. Too bad the suitcase weights are not so easy to install/uninstall. The foldable ROPS is handy for loader work in barns (it's a decent manure handler), but even in the "up" position, the ROPS is not too tall. The tractor is a bit narrow, which makes 3-point-hitch hookup a bit tricky. I installed quick couplers and consider them to be essential for this size tractor. It does not come with remote hydraulics as standard equipment, but remotes can be added (about a $1,000 add-on). Some people around here just run extensions from the loader control valve to operate lift cylinders on plows, discs, etc."

Pros: Economical, durable, powerful and surefooted on rough terrain. Cons: No remote hydraulics in standard package; narrow 3-pt-hitch makes hookup tricky without quick-couplers Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: USA OH I also considered buying:

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