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Kioti Mechron

Discontinued Model


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Kioti Mechron Misses the Mark
Posted 10/13/2016
by Gerry Toms
Model year: 2015 Date Purchased: 2015-06-05 Number of Hours: 55

"The first year of ownership has proven to be a nightmare for my wife and I. When we received the Mechron, it squeaked and rattled at all speeds to where it became irritating. I was advised by the dealer that this is standard if it comes with a cargo rack and to continually apply grease under the carriage (did not work very well). The transmission did not engage properly into forward or reverse and I was advised that it was because I was not doing it right. I had my neighbors try, and apparently they were not doing it right either. After months in the repair shop, I brought it home and put it in the garage. My wife tried to use it a couple of days later and could not get the throttle to move. It was about 30 degrees outside that prior night, but once again, it was stored in the garage. When I got home from work I started it and let it warm up for 30 minutes and then tried to drive it. The throttle immediately stuck down and would not come back up. Now, it became a safety issue and my wife is afraid to drive it. It was in the shop for an additional 2 months as they could not find out what caused it, but it was happening to them as well. They replaced the throttle cable (2 months it took). Once it was finally back - after winter was almost over - I went to connect a small trailer to it and the ball hitch would not slide into the receiver. I called the dealer and he told me it was my equipment that was the issue and that my ball hitch was too large and to use grease and a hammer to get it to slide in. I tried 3 ball hitches and none of them worked. I took pictures of the bad receiver casting with my cell and sent them in stating a hammer is not a fix-it tool. The dealer had it another couple of weeks and did not replace the bad casting. They ground it out and said it was good. Of the first 50 hours on the machine, at least 25 were done by the dealership. Most of my hours have been idling and going to the mailbox, as I can not trust this equipment enough to take it into the woods. The dealership, area representative, and factory are not willing to help and will not extend the warranty. "

Pros: It uses very little fuel Cons: That's because it sits in the garage most of the time Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: USA ID I also considered buying:

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