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Foton 504

Discontinued Model


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Height 106.1 (269 cm)

Length 161.4 (409 cm)

Weight 7

Wheelbase 87.2 (221 cm)

Width (in.) 72.4 (183 cm)

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Get What You Pay For
Posted 06/11/2016
by Ian Bray
Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 2012-04-28 Number of Hours: 435

"Yep, International Machinery Traders are not the best. However when I first bought the tractor they had a really good service manager and I got a lot of help in the first few months. He moved on and so did the company. Tractor World was the next to start up selling the Fotons same owner, new name, beware. The tractor has done 435 hours with no major problems. I have just completed a 400 hour service and everything us working okay, although the clutch travel needs adjusting and I have run out of travel on the rod so will have to go into the housing. The hydraulics are fine, not like a John Deere, but okay for my work. It's agricultural but pretty sturdy and so far so good - hasn't caused me any major problems. It has plenty of power - the four in one bucket is great for moving timber and clearing land. The power take-off works fine on slasher. Apart from the dealer, I'd recommend the Foton 504, for light to medium farm duties."

Pros: Value for money Cons: Not the best dealer Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: AUS OT I also considered buying:

Very good value
Posted 02/24/2015
by Jim Dailey
Model year: 2009 Date Purchased: 2015-03-09 Number of Hours: 768

"After 2 years of research and a bad start with a dishonest company in China......I ordered my tractor from the company direct which I dont think you can do today....my FOTON 504 was shipped to me direct and landed in Boston in May of 09.. My tractor worked right out of the box. A friend and I hauled it and related equipment home in one trip....including a chipper, backhoe and bucket for the loader. The loader frame was attached already. I have worked this tractor since I got it for so many uses including logging my woods, lifting logs at my sawmill, moving lumber, pushing snow banks, pushing gravel, digging gravel with backhoe.....and many other things including hauling firewood to house from storage area. I have used it hard. I broke a side door [my fault], a shift lever connection broke inside tranny area. After 6 months I finally figured problem and welded inside tranny against all advice. It works great so far [3 years]. I have no complaints and am VERY pleased with my purchase. No dealers around here and you have to be able to tinker if needed. If not for buying this unit at a reasonable price I would not have a tractor. I love it!"

Pros: almost everything Cons: could use more rust preventive help where cab meets sheet metal Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA ME I also considered buying: Jinma JM-450

Foton Tractor Review: Not Happy National Machinery Rip Off
Posted 05/10/2014
by markty32
Model year: 0 Date Purchased: 2014-02-01 Number of Hours: 15

"Look at this (yes, I got ripped off!): I have had the tractor just over a month now and have about 15 hrs. on it. The dealer national machinery doesn't help at all rubbish Foton tractor. Following issues: fuel tank and injector pump leaking from main housing. Also hydraulic pump leaking. I have a warranty...yeah right, I want a full refund so I can buy a different brand. Another major issue is the gearbox very tight and won't go into gear. I call National Machinery Traders and no help! Rip off. I want a refund! What are my rights? Also did you know this company has over 5 business names?"

Pros: . Cons: . Type of User: Homeowner 50-100 Acres Location: AUS AK I also considered buying:

Buy a Reputable Brand Not Cheap Chinese
Posted 04/06/2014
by Dean
Model year: 2013 Date Purchased: 2013-01-11 Number of Hours: 70

"Basically from day one the tractor had faults. The ram arm for the hydraulics leaked, the drivers seat would not lock into position and it slides about dangerously when you are driving the tractor, the brakes make a horrid grinding sound when you apply them and they are virtually useless in stopping the tractor unless you are driving at anything less that walking speed. I had one instance where I was working on a small section of my driveway with a smallish hill I applied the brakes, engaged the clutch and the tractor straight away rolled backwards, all the way to the bottom lucky for me that the tractor was straight to the driveway otherwise I could have potentially been killed by a tractor rollover. Since receiving the machine, it has developed more issues. The small strut that holds the door open and closed constantly fall off (even when you reattach it properly). The bucket support frame has developed cracks around the welded pins. When you drive along you can hear a cracking and creaking sound. When you drive with the engine also makes like a drumming clunking sound (and was not like that in the beginning). The controller for the bucket sticks and and sometimes goes the opposite way to what it is supposed to, it is very hard to get into gear sometimes and you have to release/engage the clutch until you feel it is going to go into gear. The PTO grinds when you put it in gear unless you jam it into gear hard and fast."

Pros: Cheap. Cons: Cheap and nasty! No service rusty tractor things fall off. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: AUS OT I also considered buying: Foton 504

Foton 504 - 50hp
Posted 11/14/2013
by Bacm
Model year: 2013 Date Purchased: 2013-09-06 Number of Hours: 20

"Was worried about buying a Chinese tractor but it came with a 12 month warranty and an additonal 24 months parts warranty but the warranty is only as good as the dealer who promised the world to get the sale, but hasn't come through on the promises. A few clips have fallen off and it had a leaking cylinder at the bucket which the dealer replaced. It still has a leak at the lift and draft shifting shaft which the dealer has promised to fix. I'm still waiting for his call. I'm happy with the tractor though but less happy with the dealer. I considered buying a Apollo but it was more expensive, but I believe a better built unit. I was swayed to buy the Foton because the dealer threw in two extra buckets - which I'm still waiting for two months later. In retrospect, I wish I had bought the Apollo."

Pros: Value for money. Cons: Chinglish manual isn't very helpful. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: AUS OT I also considered buying:

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