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Cub Cadet 5264D

Discontinued Model


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Robs 5264D
Posted 04/05/2010
by Sub-Cadet68
Model year: 2006 Date Purchased: 2008-02-28 Number of Hours: 212

"I picked up my machine when the wife and I bought our first home, two years ago. A used 2006 Cub Cadet 5264D with a loader & 60" deck for 7000.00 In a nutshell, I LOVE the machine & HATE a few of its little quirks. The deck is a pain in the but to put on & the loader lines are difficult to attach times. Small stuff. I have heard that the front axles on this model have a history of failure. One hub did start to leak & was replaced, the other one is being replaced this week. I just had a local service center pick it up for the spring service. The list of items that need to be addressed was small. -oil change -leaky 4X4 hub seal (replaced one side before winter, should have done both) -I bent the guide that keeps the deck/3point in float position & the 4X4/4X2 where it belongs. So that is being replaced. -I also heard of a recall on my machine that fixes it's nasty habit of popping out of high range while under load or traveling uphill. All in all, it's been a fantastic unit for what I need it to do & its purchase price (Divorce sale) I have used the front end loader extensively for earthwork and snow removal with no issues, other than a scary moment that prompted me to pick up a used weight box! I have a 3point spreader for salt & lawncare products that has already paid for itself & then some after the snows we got this year. The tractor never seems to be at a loss for power with the 3 cylinder diesel. I run a pto tiller through the garden we share with the neighbors twice a year (we go half & half for rental on that one) I know that the NEW Yanmar Cubs are a better machine, but I plan on running mine until it gets to the point where a repair is almost as bad as buying a new rig."

Pros: Plenty of power, Diesel, Stable on slopes, Runs PTO implements without lugging Cons: Pops out of high range, Mower deck install/removal, Hyd. lines for loader are a pain. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: USA PA I also considered buying:

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