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Case-IH JX95

Discontinued Model


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Downgrade On Quality
Posted 07/16/2019
by Seqoyah101
Model year: 2008 Date Purchased: 2008-02-01 Number of Hours: 700

"This is an update on my previous review for which I can find no way to edit. The tractor still goes as it was intended but I see now why people have clutch problems. The clutch cable adjustment can't be reached to adjust the clutch as it wears. If you can't adjust it, then it will slip and glaze and fail. I don't feel right to give it a lower rating on account of poor maintenance access but I probably should. I am having to cut a hole in the cab floor to reach the clutch cable yoke to adjust the free pedal of the clutch. It is impossible for me to do otherwise. I'll add that there is no easy way to pull the lower dash cover to reach anything under there to replace the clutch cable or do anything else. After hours of looking I still can't figure out how to get the thing off without pulling the entire dash, steering wheel and instrument panel. This is an outrageous design. The brakes on this tractor were simply not working. We purged the system and found it full of black solids. The brakes were horribly hard to reach to service. Even the bleed ports were hard to reach. Be careful if you do service the brakes and do not use DOT fluid. The fluid required is the same as BMW and has to be ordered from our parts store. The hydraulic couplers leak like sieves. They should use quality ones like Faster like they do on the newer tractors and the loaders. This one has Fasters on the loader and they have not leaked in 11 years."

Pros: Solid, simple, spacious cab, good fuel economy Cons: Horrible, terrible maintenance access Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA OK I also considered buying: John Deere 5520, John Deere 6403

Could Sell It For What I Paid
Posted 04/18/2015
by Sequoyah101
Model year: 2008 Date Purchased: 2008-02-01 Number of Hours: 350

"That is even with all we have done to it, although it does not have that many hours for these last six years. Feeding, baling, utility loader, 3.5 yard scraper, 10' offset disk, etc. is what we use it for. It handles the 15' FR-15 with ease and cuts some 3" junk! Like most similar tractors, most of the hours are feeding cows in the winter when it gets bales and slogs out to feed almost every day. It is reasonable on fuel. It has the same engine as the JX80 we have that gets great fuel economy, but the turbo slurps fuel much faster; probably never more than 2.5 gallons per hour. It runs about spot on to the Nebraska Tractor test. It is no frills, comfortable, reliable and no computer!!!! We have not had any problem after the shuttle shift lever broke off and had to disassemble and weld it back together. That linkage needs lubrication and could use bearing type connectors. When they ship the linkage gets a little corroded and sticky. After fixing that, we have had not another problem except the linkage still needs lube. It is a complicated pathway. The other problem we had was that the clutch linkage adjustment was installed backwards!! The electrical connectors up in the headliner won't stay hooked up. We need to put tighter connectors there. The lights are great! You can work in a nice pool of light at night. AC is just OK but good enough for summer to be comfortable and avoid the dust of baling. The cab is spacious. That is one reason I bought the tractor. Everything else with a cab just seemed cramped and tedious. The loader has a problem, it apparently gets air in it and you have to recycle it to get it to hold position on the curl. I'm told this is because CaseIH is too cheap to put a regen circuit in it or something. I wanted the larger tires, but didn't get them and am sort of happy we didn't since the CG is improved with the smaller tires. It has some leaks, but these engines are pretty reliable. Getting a battery is a bear. I gave up and just went with a commercial large truck battery and built a battery holder for it. I'm doing the same for almost all the equipment. Batteries are cheaper and have massive cranking amps. I'm making as many as possible standard. These things seem to hold their value, so there must be something good about them."

Pros: Spacious cab, tight turning radius, good ride. Cons: Shuttle shift linkage is a little stiff. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA OK I also considered buying:

Solid Value in a Tractor
Posted 07/29/2014
by Greg Hessels
Model year: 2006 Date Purchased: 2014-06-10 Number of Hours: 1200

"Tractor came up as a local trade in, enough horsepower for our TMR, all the features we needed. No regrets with the purchase! Basic no frills machine, does everything we have asked of it. Really happy to have it on the farm, helping with the beef cows and stockers."

Pros: High horsepower, loader, 4-wheel drive. Cons: Manual PTO, no shuttle shift. Type of User: Commercial Farmer Location: CND OT I also considered buying: John Deere 5100M

JX 95
Posted 04/29/2013
Model year: 2005 Date Purchased: 2013-01-01 Number of Hours: 1500

"I purchased JX 95. It didn't have a thermostat in so I had one installed. It was a TX tractor. A thousand dollars later, I now have a tractor that runs hot. When I put it work hard. By hard I mean I have some alfalfa ground that I decided to brake up (9 acres). I had a Allis 190 I have used in the past with good success. The tractor ran for about 4 hours before the clutch went out. Its probably a okay utility tractor but a tractor for moderate to heavy field work that a 95 horse tractor might be called on to do? I don't think so."

Pros: I like the mechanical front wheel drive. Cons: Reliability? Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA NE I also considered buying:

Expensive Repairs Within First Year of Ownership
Posted 10/03/2012
by Philip Kneibert
Model year: 2008 Date Purchased: 2011-01-15 Number of Hours: 1500

"I purchased a used 2008 JX95 about 18 months ago. It had about 1400 hours on it when I purchased it. I only use the tractor to maintain recreational duck hunting property in Missouri. So far a new Hydraulic pump and a new clutch. Plus a few other minor items. Total repair costs so far in excess of $7,000. I would expect a tractor with 1500 hours on it to NOT require a new hydraulic pump and clutch. Who knows how the previous owner treated the tractor, but he only put 1400 hours on it in 3 years. Anyway, I might just be snake bit on this tractor, but I am disappointed in the reliability."

Pros: Easy to operate, comfortable cab, 4wd is very capable, dual PTO speeds. Cons: Repairs have been frequent and expensive. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA KS I also considered buying:

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